Our Process


Step 1

Complete on Programme Training

Apprentices undertake a comprehensive learning journey that combines practical, on-the-job training with structured off-the-job learning. This approach enables them to develop the essential knowledge and skills relevant to their selected profession. Throughout their apprenticeship, they receive guidance and support from both a training provider and their employer.

Step 2

Gateway Readiness

Upon mutual agreement between the apprentice and their employer that they have reached the required readiness level for the final assessment, they will proceed to inform EPA4Health.

Step 3

Completion of the End Point Assessment Components

EPA4Health will operate independently from the training provider and employer, assumes control of the assessment procedure. We will appoint proficient assessors with expertise in the specific field or occupation. 

Step 4

Grading of the Assessment

The assessors assess the apprentice's performance in accordance with the assessment criteria. Their role is to ascertain if the apprentice has fulfilled the necessary criteria for a successful outcome. In certain EPA processes, this assessment may involve assigning grades or scores, while in others, the focus is on a Distinction /Pass/Fail determination.

Step 5

Certification and Completion

Upon successfully fulfilling all the necessary criteria, the apprentice receives a certificate that serves as recognition of their accomplishment. This certification serves as tangible evidence of their competence within the specific occupation or industry.

End Point Assessment Fees

We Work Hard For Your Success


Pharmacy Service Assistant – Level 2

End Point Assessment

Face to Face

£925.00 / Per Apprentice

End Point Assessment


£900.00 / Per Apprentice